Critical Thinking Activities

Critical Thinking Activities for Your Preschoolers and Toddlers

Some children loves puzzles and love a challenge. Here are 10 critical thinking activities that promote critical thinking for your toddlers and preschoolers. What Can You Make with a Circle?  - A fun and creative game to play at home, in the car, on an airplane, or in the waiting room. Copy Me - This critical thinking activity is quick and easy to set up at home. … [Read more...]

20 FREE Printable Busy Bags

FREE Printable Busy Bags for Kids

Here are 20 free printable busy bags full of fun kid's activities! Perfect for traveling and quiet time.  Busy Bags (or Activity Bags) are a popular item to make and use with toddlers and preschoolers while traveling, waiting, or during quiet time! Busy Bags range from things you have on hand like activities or puzzles to things you prepare ahead of time like crafts or DIY … [Read more...]

Doc McStuffins Themed Learning Activities

Doc McStuffins Themed Learning Activities

We've had a lot of fun with Doc McStuffins Pretend Play so I decided to add to it with these easy to assemble Doc McStuffins Themed Activities. I printed these Doc McStuffins Character Cards and used those to write the "diagnosis" on for each activity. Doc, what's the diagnosis? SORT-a-tosis (Sorting straws into play dough) Cut 2 colors of straws into 2 different … [Read more...]

Make Ice Cream in a Bag


I've heard of ways to make ice cream in a bag and I've seen recipes for it all over the internet, but for some reason I have never tried it. Part of me didn't believe that it really worked. It DOES work! Here's how to make your own homemade ice cream in a bag: In a quart ziplock bag add: 1/2 cup milk 1 Tablespoon of sugar 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla Try to … [Read more...]

Styrofoam and Toothpicks


Styrofoam and Toothpicks is a great open ended activity that your child will love. I put B's name in dots on the styrofoam and had B stick a toothpick on each dot. My thought was after he was finished, he would look from above and see the letters of his name. I didn't take into consideration how many dots I was using and how close together they were. It was a little … [Read more...]

Pattern Blocks and Printable Mats


These pattern blocks and printable mats are so much fun! I found these awesome, FREE, printable pattern block mats  HERE at At first, B wasn't interested in the mats and just wanted to make his own designs like snowmen and houses (I mean he made snowmen for MONTHS!). We also use them for sorting and for making patterns. When I got these out again the … [Read more...]