Beauty and the Beast Dot Marker Pages

Beauty and the Beast Dot Marker Pages

We love the Beauty and the Beast movie! We also love dot markers. Here's a set of free, printable Beauty and the Beast Dot Marker Pages.   Download, print, and use at parties, play dates, or on a rainy day. Belle Dot Marker Page Beast Dot Marker Page Gaston Dot Marker Page Cogsworth Dot Marker Page (clock) Lumiere Dot Marker Page (candlestick) You will also … [Read more...]

Beauty and the Beast Dice Game

beauty and the beast dice game

Does your child love Beauty and the Beast? We do too! You will love this Beauty and the Beast Dice Game! How to Play: Download and print the Beauty and the Beast Dice Game. Roll a die (or spin a spinner). Cover the corresponding number of pictures on your game board. We used garden stones from the dollar store. You can use anything for counters – blocks, cereal, … [Read more...]

Princess Playdate

princess tea party

  My little girl LOVES princesses and being a princess! Turn an ordinary playdate into an Ultimate Princess Playdate in just a few simple steps! 1) Dress Like a Princess (above) - Whether it is a princess dress, jewelry, scarves, or hair and makeup it is always fun to feel like a princess. 2) Have a Tea Party Lunch - Spice up an ordinary lunch with fancy plates, … [Read more...]

Learning with Stamps


Stamp sets can be so much fun to get creative with! Create a scene, tell a story, or just decorate any way you want. Learning with stamps is really easy and fun. Stamp the Pattern - Stamp a pattern and have your child use the stamps to continue the pattern. For example, crown, princess, crown, princess, crown, what comes next? Or princess, princess, castle, … [Read more...]

Superhero and Princess Bracelets


Superhero and princess bracelets are a great craft for a rainy afternoon or the perfect party favor or activity. So many possibilities! Crafting in the Rain made beautiful Princess Bracelets that inspired us to make our own (shown above). Each of the color combinations represents a different princess. We laced the beads onto different types of ribbon, yarn, and … [Read more...]

Castle Craft


I would have never thought to turn this Happy Meal box into a princess castle. This castle craft was the kids' idea and they created it together. They've played with it non stop since then and I think it is because they made it themselves. They cut a hole in the box and made stairs/bridge, water, guards at the door, and a sign all from construction paper. They took … [Read more...]

Princess Dot Marker Pages (printable)


For N's 3rd birthday party I wanted to have a few simple Princess Themed Activities for the kids to do. So we had a dress up station for the princes and princesses. We laced shimmery pony beads onto pipe cleaners to make bracelets and we used Dot Markers to decorate these Princess Dot Marker Pages.    Download these princess pages and have fun creating. We hope you enjoy … [Read more...]