Alphabet Bug Hunt (printable)


Hunt for types of bugs from A to Z with this free, printable Alphabet Bug Hunt! Get our your magnifying glasses, because tis the season to hunt for bugs! One of our favorite things to do in the Spring and Summer months has been to search, discover, and learn about insects. To make this experience even more exciting for the kids, I created an ABC scavenger hunt. Some of … [Read more...]

Facts about the Heart

Facts about the Heart for Kids

Use Valentine's Day to sneak in a little science with facts about the heart! Facts about the Heart A child's heart is approximately the size of his fist. The heart circulates the blood supply about 1,000 times each day. The heart pumps the equivalent of 5,000 to 6,000 quarts of blood per day. If the blood vessels in the body were joined end to end, they … [Read more...]

Cotton Ball Race


Recently, we had a cotton ball race. It was SO much fun! We each used a straw to blow the cotton ball to the finish line. This is the first time we've tried anything like this and it turned out to be a great time to experiment with what angle to hold the straw and what type of straw would work the best. … [Read more...]