Nature Hunt

Nature Hunt

My oldest is 3 years old and loves anything that involves hiding and seeking. Therefore scavenger hunts are a big hit in our house. He's outdoorsy and likes to move so yesterday we went on a Nature Hunt. I made our list with pictures so he could "read" (see) what he was hunting for. If you're child doesn't seem totally on board with the nature hunt, allow them to … [Read more...]

Toddler Activity – Animal Matching


I made this toddler activity animal matching printable for N (20 months) to work on matching and visual discrimination. If you have a few farm animals at your house, then this simple activity is perfect for you. Simply put the matching animal on top of each animal card. It took a few practice rounds for N to get the hang of what I wanted her to do and then once she … [Read more...]

What Goes Together?


This What Goest Together idea from Monkeyin Around is awesome! Collect a group of objects and have your child match the items that go together. I love how fast this was to put together and how effective it was. It was great for vocabulary development when I asked B WHY two items go together. … [Read more...]

Interview Your Child


Take time today to Interview Your Child (found on Giggles Galore). Asking these questions could be a tradition you do with each of your children at the beginning of every new year or on their birthday. Click on the link above to visit Giggles Galore to view some sample questions. Happy 2010! Because B is still so young and changing constantly, I've been interviewing him … [Read more...]