Countdown Calendar for Toddlers

Countdown Calendar for Toddlers

My son is 3 1/2 years old and is borderline obsessed with the Garbage Truck. True story: he woke up at 3:00am and DID NOT go back to sleep because he was so excited for garbage day the next morning. We are also working on learning the days of the week and I find that associating an activity and a pattern helps. By attaching certain things to certain days it's easier to … [Read more...]

Coloring Easter Eggs with Toddlers

Coloring Easter Eggs with Toddlers

Coloring Easter eggs with toddlers can be tricky. You want them to have the experience, but you could live without the mess. Here's a different way to color Easter eggs that is perfect for your toddler AND kids of all ages! Not only will you end up with beautiful, colored eggs, but also with colored rice to play with later! Fill plastic containers 2/3 full of uncooked … [Read more...]

Name Game for Toddlers

Name Game for Toddlers

Try this simple Name Game for Toddlers to help your little one identify family members and work on saying their names! 1. Find and print a picture of each family member or friend you would like your child to identify. Pictures with just one person in them will work best for little ones. I laminated mine so that they could survive being played with.  Be sure to include your … [Read more...]

Learning Numbers for Toddlers

Phone Book Busy Bag

Learning Numbers for Toddlers and Preschoolers Get some number recognition practice out of your toddler's obsession with your cell phone by making  a personalized phone book for your child! How to make your own: Gather pictures of your child with family members or other friends she would like to call. Make a simple card for each person, including their picture, name, … [Read more...]

Critical Thinking Activities

Critical Thinking Activities for Your Preschoolers and Toddlers

Some children loves puzzles and love a challenge. Here are 10 critical thinking activities that promote critical thinking for your toddlers and preschoolers. What Can You Make with a Circle?  - A fun and creative game to play at home, in the car, on an airplane, or in the waiting room. Copy Me - This critical thinking activity is quick and easy to set up at home. … [Read more...]

Create a Literacy Rich Environment at Home

Literacy Rich Environment for Toddlers

10 Ways to Create a Literacy Rich Environment at Home for Your Toddler Turn your home into a place of learning for your tot.  It doesn’t take too much time or energy to put these ideas together for your little ones. Create a home library and always make books available to your toddler Organize your books at home so that kiddos have easy access to them.  We keep children’s … [Read more...]

20 FREE Printable Busy Bags

FREE Printable Busy Bags for Kids

Here are 20 free printable busy bags full of fun kid's activities! Perfect for traveling and quiet time.  Busy Bags (or Activity Bags) are a popular item to make and use with toddlers and preschoolers while traveling, waiting, or during quiet time! Busy Bags range from things you have on hand like activities or puzzles to things you prepare ahead of time like crafts or DIY … [Read more...]

Fine Motor Activities with Your Toddler

Toddler Fine Motor Activities 3

Fine motor activities are my favorite.  Why?  I love that they require focus, concentration, and determination to succeed... All great life lessons!  I watched my 2 year old work so hard to build a bristle block (love these!) house and wondered if my ONE year old could also do some fine motor activities. Yes, he can! First I cut a slit in an old plastic toy tub.  I … [Read more...]

Toddlers and Following Directions

Following Directions

Our sweet little toddler is into the stage where she is really beginning to understand the instructions we give - and occasionally chooses to totally disobey them!  Her independence is growing and "listen" and "obey" are becoming very often used words in our home.  As a way to help reinforce these concepts in a positive, fun way, we've tried several different activities to … [Read more...]

Vocabulary and Your Toddler

Vocabulary and Your Toddler

My 17-month old, like most toddlers, I'm sure, is fascinated by "big kid" toys.  So when my in-laws walked in with a Princess Palace playset, I knew she would be very interested.  According to the ages listed, she is a little young for the toy, but since she saw it she was all ready to play.  I pulled out the pieces that were unsafe for her (too small) and figured we would play … [Read more...]

November Busy Boxes

November Busy Boxes 1

G loves his Busy Boxes oh-so-much! Here are our November Busy Boxes: 1. Transferring pompoms into a paint tray with a long-handled spoon 2. Pushing the peg through the wood (Dollar Tree) and then balancing a marble on top of the peg 3. Play dough and new tools 4. Sort pebbles by size (big and small) and balance on popsicle sticks 5. Magnet play with wands and … [Read more...]

Babysitters and Learning Activities

Babysitter Learning Activities

When M was born (6 years ago!), I quit teaching.  I LOVED teaching but my heart was at home with her.  We made it work for a long time but recently, an AMAZING part-time reading specialist position opened up AT HER SCHOOL and I accepted. But, it means leaving Big G (2 years old) and Little G (8 months) Mondays through Thursdays. Grandma is watching them and mentioned that … [Read more...]