Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

Silly Sentences with Foam Easter Eggs

There are so many ways you can learn with these foam Easter eggs that can be found at craft stores before or after Easter. Counting with Easter Eggs for Toddlers and Preschoolers- Match the numeral to the amount of stickers used to decorate the egg. 4 Ways to Learn with Foam Easter Eggs for Older Children - compound words, numbers and counting, alphabetical order, and … [Read more...]

Create a Literacy Rich Environment at Home

Literacy Rich Environment for Toddlers

10 Ways to Create a Literacy Rich Environment at Home for Your Toddler Turn your home into a place of learning for your tot.  It doesn’t take too much time or energy to put these ideas together for your little ones. Create a home library and always make books available to your toddler Organize your books at home so that kiddos have easy access to them.  We keep children’s … [Read more...]

Sticker Stories

Sticker Stories Creative Writing

Sticker stories can be done with any age and you can work on a variety of skills. I used to do these in my classroom all the time, so I decided to give it a try at home! My girls received this amazing sticker book as a gift, and if you have girls, I highly recommend it! They use it nonstop for so many creative things, and it was just perfect for sticker stories. The more … [Read more...]



N isn't ready to write letters yet, but I still want to expose her to how letters are formed and the letters of her name. So while we continue to play with playdough, use scissors, tongs, and clothes pins, and spray things with the spray bottle (all of these things strengthen wrist and hand muscles which will help her get ready to write) we had a Letter N … [Read more...]

Halloween Story Starters

Halloween is right around the corner.  Have fun using your imagination while encouraging your young writer with a few creative Halloween story starters. These are great for family time. Share a combined oral story around the table or for independent writing combine it with an author's night.  Have your child illustrate their story as well using a variety of art … [Read more...]

Roll and Draw


Roll and Draw was a fun game for both of my children.  I initially wanted my 2 1/2 year old to experience the game so that she could practice drawing lines in a fun way, but I quickly realized that my 5 1/2 year old had just as much fun with it. Materials: a kleenex box or a different type of box to use as a die a piece of paper to cover the box a chalkboard, … [Read more...]

Creative Writing and Story Telling with Easter Story Starters (printable)


Easter is right around the corner!  Have fun stretching your child's creative thinking skills with these Easter themed story starters. 1. Twas the night before Easter... 2. I couldn't believe my eyes. My Easter basket was filled with... 3. Easter morning, I looked out my window and... 4. Crack, crack, crack... suddenly one of my Easter eggs started to move! 5. Oh no! The … [Read more...]

Story Starters (printable)


With one passionate little writer at home and one who rather eat peas than write, I'm always trying to come up with fun ways to encourage writing.  Usually holiday story starters will do the trick! Here are a few St. Patrick's Day Story Starters: It was the morning of St. Patrick's Day and I heard.... I couldn't believe my eyes.  There were green footprints … [Read more...]

Thank You Notes and Spelling with Toys


 Spelling with Toys, how fun! We used some of B's toys to take this picture and make it into birthday thank you notes. I got the idea from Family Fun Magazine.  Not only did a lot of people say how neat they were, but B didn't want to stop spelling with toys after we made this. So we spelled each family member's name and took pictures. It was a challenge for him … [Read more...]

Alphabet Dictionary (make your own)


Lately, I've been hearing a lot of "Mom, how do you spell (insert any word)?". I decided to make this alphabet dictionary for B so when he asks we can write it in his dictionary and it will be there to refer to later. To make this, cut two or three pages at once. For the A, cut all the way up the red line and leave about half an inch for the A tab. For the B, cut up the red … [Read more...]

Make a Plastic Bag Book


To make a plastic bag book, staple 3-5 plastic bags together at the bottom of the bag so that the openings face out. Cover the staples with tape. This will be the binding of your book. Cut cardstock or paper to the size of your bags. As you write each page, slip it in the plastic bag and seal. This was so easy to put together and B has so much fun changing the ending, … [Read more...]

Handwriting Printable


You will love this custom handwriting printable! Put in anything you want your child to trace and print it. I used the Handwriting Worksheet Maker. I typed in his first and last name and hit print. I also printed the alphabet with capital and lowercase letters. Hint: You can laminate it or cover it in contact paper and use dry erase markers to write.   … [Read more...]