Emoji Twister Party Game

    Emoji Twister Party GAme

    Are you looking for a party game that is easy to set up, simple to play, and fun for all ages? Emoji Twister is the party game for you!

    Emoji Twister Party Game

    Emojis are all the rage right now so both of my kids had fun with this game and and wanted to keep playing it over and over again. 

    Emoji Twister Party GAme

    Here’s what you’ll need to get the game set up. 


    • FREE Printable (at the bottom)
    • White plastic table cloth or shower curtain
    • Scissors
    • Tape (duct tape or packaging tape)
    • Paper clip and pencil or a metal brad

    Emoji Twister

    How to Make It:

    1. Download the FREE Emoji Twister Printable (at the bottom). Print it out onto cardstock for durability. 
    2. Cut out the emojis. 
    3. Arrange the emojis onto your surface in rows like the original twister game or you can get crazy and mix them up all over your surface. 

    I used a plastic tablecloth from the dollar store and used duct tape to tape the emojis onto it. 

    Emoji Twister

    There is an arrow included that you can cut out and attached to the middle of the spinner with a metal brad, however, we chose to use a pencil and a paper clip as a spinner. 

    Emoji Twister Party Game

    Download the FREE Emoji Twister Game HERE

    You can also use our awesome DIY Escape Room for Kids as a party game!


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