Christmas Tree Pencil Topper – A Project for Beginning Sewers

    Beginning Sewing Project for Kids

    I’m always on the hunt for kids sewing projects that are simple and doable for kids just learning to sew. This Christmas Tree Pencil Topper is the perfect project for your beginning sewer. 


    1. Felt fabric
    2. Pencil
    3. Scissors
    4. Needle and thread
    5. Sequins
    6. Glue (not shown)

    Beginning Sewing Project for Kids

    The pencil toppers are a great gift ideas for friends and teachers. It’s also be a cool party favor for a class Christmas party or a December birthday party. 

    Beginning Sewing Project for Kids


    1. Download the Pencil Topper template HERE. Cut out the pieces from the template. Trace the pieces on felt and cut them out.

    2. Stack the 2 triangle pieces on top of each other to make a tree shape.

    3. Thread the needle until both ends of the thread meet at the bottom. Tie the ends of the thread together in a knot.

    4. Remember, you are only sewing the 2 longest sides of the triangle. The bottom edge will be left open so you can insert a pencil.

    5. Start at the bottom, right corner of the tree. Bring the needle up through both pieces of felt. Continue using a basic stitch (up, down, up, down) along the first side of the tree. 

    6. When your stitch gets to the top of the tree, pause your stitching and get your star piece.

    Beginning Sewing Project for Kids

    7. Place the star on the top of the triangles, making sure they overlap. Add 2 stitches to attach the star to the tree (up down, up down) making sure to go through both pieces of the tree and the star. 

    8. Continue to stitch down the other side of the tree.

    9. When you reach the bottom corner, stop stitching. Tie your thread in a knot and cut off any extra thread.

    10. Remember to keep the bottom edge of the tree open. 

    Beginning Sewing Project for Kids

    11. Glue sequins onto your pencil topper (optional) or use a marker to decorate the tree.

    12. Insert a pencil through the open bottom end of the Christmas tree pencil topper and your project is done.

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