Simple Wood Projects for Kids to Make

    Woodworking Projects for Kids

    There are multiple benefits that wood as a natural material brings to sensory development, starting with the unbeatable wood texture and ending with subtle scent. It is a fairly easy material to work with, that allows many ways of handling it. Here are our favorite wood projects for kids to make and tips to help make it easier for you and your child. 

    5 Simple Wood Projects for Kids to Make: 

    • Mini City
    • Modern Art
    • Vehicle
    • Photo Display
    • Funny Faces



    Wood Projects Kids Can Make

    Wood and Glue

    Work with glue and wooden pieces is a great open-ended activity for the kids ages two years and older.  The babies can start exploring the texture and aromas of the wood as early as a few weeks old. The older they get, the more creative they can get, and wood and glue creative art is the perfect stepping stone on that way.


    • The common white glue is the perfect material for the woodworking, worth introducing as early as 2-3 years of age. It’s easy to apply, much safer than a glue gun, washes off in seconds, and it just works.
    • To glue wood together, put a pea-sized amount of glue on your piece of wood. Distribute it evenly, then put your pieces together and press hard, moving a little to squeeze all extra glue out. Then put on a clamp, wipe the excess glue with a rag, and let it sit at least 20 minutes to 1 hour to dry.

    Benefits of Working with Wood for Kids

    Woodworking opens up the sensory development of little ones. It is a very primary material to work with, and quite instinctive, if we take as given that the two primary human toys are a stone and a stick.

    With the woodworking, you, in a way, take the stick and show your baby that it can be transformed. That leads to an explosion of creativity that can push your toddler towards making tools, art, objects, and inventions.

    First human-made wheels and axles, tools, and builds were made of wood. It’s one of the most important materials in history, which also happens to be sustainable, highly stimulating, and totally safe.

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