Summer Activities for Ages 6+

     School’s out! Now what? Here are some rainy day activities for ages 6+:

    MATH ACTIVITIES for Ages 6+

    Make Your Own Board Game

    1. Give your children a piece of cardboard, construction paper, dice, markers or paint and let them design their own game.
    2. Commit to sitting down to play them when they are finished.

    Race for $1.00 (money addition)

    1. You need 30 pennies, 10 nickels, 20 dimes, 1 quarter, a dollar, 2 dice, and a partner.
    2. Take turns. On your turn, roll the dice.
    3. The sum tells how many pennies to take.
    4. When you have 5 pennies, trade for a nickel.
    5. When you have 2 nickels, trade for a dime.
    6. When you have 2 dimes and one nickel, trade for a quarter.
    7. The first player to reach $1.00 is the winner.

    Minecraft Dice Games

    Does your child love Minecraft? If so, they will also love these free, printable Minecraft Dice Games that will sneak in some practice of Math skills in a fun way.

    Guess My Number (number logic)

    1. You need: paper, pencil, partner
    2. Player one picks a number from 0-99 and writes it down.
    3. Player two makes a guess and writes it down.
    4. Player one gives a clue: “Your guess is greater than my number” or “Your guess is less than my number”.
    5. Continue playing until player two guesses player one’s number.
    6. Switch jobs and play again.

    Color Sudoko Puzzles

    Download and print these free, color sudoko puzzles and use blocks, legos, or pieces of paper to solve them.

    War (addition)

    1. Divide the deck of cards evenly.
    2. Each player will put out two cards and add them together.
    3. Whoever has the highest total will take all cards.
    4. The object is to take the whole deck

    Make 10 (Grades K-2)

    Remove the face cards from a deck.

    1. Deal 12 cards face up.
    2. Players take turns finding and removing combinations of cards that add up to 10.
    3. When both the players agree that no more tens are possible, more cards are dealt.
    4. This game helps students recognize parts of 10, an important step in learning to add and subtract base 10 numbers.

    More or Less (Grades K-1)

    1. Each child gets a set of cards Ace through 10 (for the numbers 1-10).
    2. One child selects a “secret card” from his or her hand and places it face down.
    3. The second child tries to guess what the number on the card is by selecting a card from his hand and placing it face up.
    4. The first child then tells whether the secret card is greater or less than the face-up card.
    5. The second child continues to make guesses until he has discovered the value of the secret card.
    6. Players then switch roles.

    Pattern Blocks and Mats (Geometry – printable)

    1. If the Pattern Block mats are too easy, challenge your child to make their own design.
    2. If you don’t have any pattern blocks, you can cut them out of craft foam.

    READING and WRITING Activities for Ages 6+

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