Elf on the Shelf Secret Message

    Are you tired of struggling with what to do with your Elf on the Shelf? I have three ideas you can use tonight. Ideas for elf notes, mess-free elf fun, and Elf on the Shelf Secret Message (with a FREE printable).

    Elf Notes

    Sometimes the elf brings back notes from the North Pole. Sometimes reminding children of their behavior and sometimes something fun from the North Pole.

    Here are some ideas to fill those notes from Santa and other North Pole residents:

    • Santa needs your help spreading good cheer. Do 3 acts of kindness to make someone smile and spread Christmas Cheer.
    • What does a Gingerbread Man put on his bed? A cookie sheet.
    • Congratulations on your Great Behavior. Santa saw how nice you have been and moved you to the top of the nice list.
    • The reindeer vet needs your help! Can you please set out some reindeer food on Christmas Eve? The reindeers get really snacky by the time they get to your house.
    • Uh oh! Santa noticed that you haven’t been so nice lately. Make sure you are being nice to your family and friends so Santa doesn’t miss your house.


    Mess-Free Elf Fun

    The Elf doesn’t always have to make a mess! Here are 5 mess-free ideas that you can use:

    • 3 Days of Elf on the Shelf Hide and Seek. The Elf is hiding somewhere in the house can you find him.
    • Wrapped in a blanket (or kitchen towel), hanging out in the fridge.
    • Elf driving a toy car. (It’s even more fun if he is being pulled over by a police car)
    • Riding a stuffed toy or a Christmas Decoration
    • Elf on the Shelf brings Christmas books to read


    Elf on the Shelf Secret Message

    Last but not least, you can get our FREE printable Elf on the Shelf Secret Message that the Elf can bring to your kids. It’s a fun little message that will make them feeling like North Pole spies as they decode the message that Santa has sent for them. Plus it makes a super easy Elf on the Shelf day.

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