Bird Nest Counting Activity for Preschoolers

    Spring is here! This Bird Nest Counting Activity is a great way to celebrate Spring and the hatching of new life. It’s a FREE download for you to use with your preschooler. It can help to practice number identification, counting, and one to one correspondence. 


    Bird Nest Counting Activity



    Look at the number on each bird. Depending on your child’s age, you may need to identify the number for your child. 

    Count the corresponding number of eggs and put them on each nest. 


    Bird Nest Counting Activity


    Add velcro or magnets to make this bird nest counting activity perfect for travel, a busy bag, or to use on an easel. 

    This activity may spark conversation with you and your child about the colors of eggs, their sizes, or even about different types of birds. I love it when this happens and we can make a trip to the library to find books that will answer some of our questions. 

    I like this book, An Egg is Quiet, because it shows so many different types of eggs and what hatches from eggs. 



    You might also like this Spring Sorting Activity! Sort the birds by size or color into DIY paper bag nests. The paper bag nests turned into other things at our house like bowls, hats, and more!


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