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Shopping List Activity

Overall, this Shopping List Activity is something simple that is well worth the time to create if it keeps your child happy in the grocery cart (although a doughnut or sucker works well too). It can be adapted to all ages and specific needs of each child. (older kids = making the list themselves)

shopping list activity

Materials: grocery list, pen, clipboard (optional)

1) Create a shopping list with 4-10 items (pictures or words, depending on age). You can write/draw these items, print them in a word document, or clip and paste from your weekly store ad.

2) Have your child look for and check off the items on their list as you continue through the store (older kids can put them in the cart for you).

3) This strategy will provide a way for your toddler to be involved in the shopping experience while keeping them in the cart (if they are younger) or keeping your older child involved and happy.

I tried this activity when B was 15 months and was having a hard time staying patient for the entire shopping trip. At that time he just enjoyed scribbling on the page like it was blank. At 25 months I tried it again (this time cutting 6 items from the Sunday ad) and he was more involved in identifying the objects, although there was still quite a bit of scribbling all over the page.