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Wonder Pets Printable Math Game

Wonder Pets Printable Math Game
This free, Wonder Pets Printable Math Game makes counting practice so much fun for your toddler or preschooler.
Wonder Pets Printable math game

I came across these Wonder Pets pages at and thought they would be perfect. They are actually called Magnet pages (which would be really fun if I had a bunch of circle magnets!).

How To Play:
1) Spin the spinner or role the dice
2) Using some sort of marker (we used cereal) place the same amount on the game mat that you spun or rolled.
3) When you fill up your mat, you are a winner!

B loved it because he was “feeding” the Wonder Pets.

Click here to print your own Wonder Pets Game Pages.

Julia Leonard

Tuesday 14th of May 2013

Hi Activity Mom,

I would love to know what you think of my worksheet series. I'm a retired teacher that decided to share my skills with the world. Take a quick look when you get a chance:

Mama Jenn

Sunday 6th of September 2009

Thanks for the link to the other math mats!!!


Monday 24th of August 2009

We have been using their magnet pages for fine motor skills with dot stickers. Now after reading your post we can use them for games too! Thanks for sharing!

JM - The Princess

Monday 24th of August 2009

Thanks for the great links! Both of my boys love the WP's so I am sure this will be a big hit!


Saturday 22nd of August 2009

What a great idea! My 3 yr old will love this.