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Printable Animal Matching Game

Printable Animal Matching Game

I found this Printable Animal Matching Game (intended for ages 2-4) at Homeschool Share. It is actually a file folder activity (directions to make it into a file folder activity are included) but it was easier for me at the time to cut the pieces out and just use it as a matching game on the table and store it in a ziplock.

In this activity, your child matches an animal picture to a zoomed in picture of the animal’s body (see the zebra picture above to get the idea). B has fun with it and there are a few that are still pretty tricky for him so we’ve been playing with this quite a bit! It is worth the printer ink!

Mama Jenn

Sunday 6th of September 2009

Thanks for the link! I think my kiddos would like this!


Thursday 3rd of September 2009

What a great idea! My daughter would love to do this, and it looks easy to put together. We'll be giving it a try!


Thursday 3rd of September 2009

I love these! I just bought a puzzle like this and they have cartoon pictures, I WILL be returning it in the morning! Thanks.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings

Wednesday 2nd of September 2009

Ooh, sounds fun! My daughter would love this! And I love the idea below, too. Any chance for her to do any sort of puzzle, she loves!

Thanks for stopping by for WFMW.

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Wednesday 2nd of September 2009

I saw this on homeschoolshare the other day and have it on my list to do! I am addicted to printing things out, lol. They also have one similar to this of birds that M and I have done. I just love the idea of matching the magnified detail - makes a regular old matching game just a little bit more challenging. Thanks for sharing!!