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Styrofoam and Toothpicks

Styrofoam and Toothpicks is a great open ended activity that your child will love.

styrofoam and toothpicks
I put B’s name in dots on the styrofoam and had B stick a toothpick on each dot. My thought was after he was finished, he would look from above and see the letters of his name. I didn’t take into consideration how many dots I was using and how close together they were. It was a little bit much. So I flipped it over and drew four different shapes with the dots and had him start over. That was more reasonable. B loved sticking the toothpicks into the styrofoam, but wasn’t really interested in the final product either way.
Other Variations:
• Get colored toothpicks and use colored markers to make the dots. Your child can work on matching colors/color identification as they enhance their motor skills.
• Hammer golf tees into the styrofoam


Tuesday 29th of September 2009

That looks like fun!


Saturday 26th of September 2009

I've seen the idea of hammering golf tees into styrofoam and I bought some golf tees when I saw them on clearance at Wal-Mart and now I am just waiting to buy something that has foam in it. I love how you incorporated letters into it, great idea!

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Friday 25th of September 2009

We've done this activity a lot too - kids seem to love it for some reason! Sometimes we put pony beads on the toothpicks and try to make patterns. Forming them into letters is a great idea!