Fishing for Letters, Numbers, Shapes, or Colors – Printable

Activity Ideas for Learning with Letter Magnets
Let your child go fishing for letters, numbers, shapes, or colors. What a fun way to learn through play!
fishing for letters, numbers, shapes, or colors

Getting Ready:
1) Print the cards and cut out the fish
2) Punch a hole where the mouth would be
3) Thread a paper clip through the mouth hole
4) Use a magnetic fishing pole (from the dollar store or a puzzle) to catch the fish

How to Play:
Print two sets and “fish” for matches.

Print one set and identify the letter, number, shape, or color that you catch.

Here are the fish to download and print. Enjoy!
Letter Fish A-D, triangle, diamond
Letter Fish E-H, square, rectangle
Letter Fish I-L, oval, circle
Letter Fish M-P, hexagon, octagon
Letter Fish Q-T, heart, red
Letter Fish U-X, yellow, orange Letter Fish Y-Z, purple, green, blue, pink
Number Fish 1-4
Number Fish 5-8
Number Fish 9-10
Blank Fish

The fishing game idea was inspired by No Time for Flashcards.

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  • Reply Adriana

    I love the picture! 😉 Thank you again for sending this game to us. My son has had so much fun playing it!

    November 3, 2009 at 1:19 am
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