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Pouring Challenge

Pouring Challenge

Need a simple activity to challenge your child while you prepare a Thanksgiving feast? Try this pouring challenge.

pouring challenge

Draw a line on a plastic cup and fill another cup with water. Challenge your child to pour the water and stop exactly at the line.

B spent a long time working on this. It was tricky for him to stop pouring at the right time so I acted really silly and animated each time he poured to keep him from getting frustrated. It was great for his motor skill development to pour back and forth with both hands. Only fill the cup with slightly more water than it takes to fill it up to the line. I learned that the hard way after one cup overflowed.



Friday 27th of November 2009

Your blog looks fantastic.

My children love anything to do with water, so this activity is sure to be a hit at our house.

I have also seen the paper towel tube activity a few times and it is on my list of activities to try. I will certainly take on board your advice about using a toilet roll and sticking to either upper or lower case letters. Thank you for sharing your tips for this.

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Thursday 26th of November 2009

Looks like fun - I know M would love this! BTW, the blog looks Fantastic!!


Wednesday 25th of November 2009

Emily loves anything that involves water...I will have her give this a try! I love the new layout and design of your blog!!