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Activity Set Up Idea

Check out this activity set up idea that is working for us.

activity set up idea

My Problem:
How can I provide a choice of activities for B to work on independently without having all of the pieces dumped out and spread all over the house?

I found this great idea on Monkeyin’ Around. She sets up 4 activities around the table and lets her son rotate to each chair to do the activity.
PERFECT for us! Since these are activities we’ve already done together and I’m confident that he can do them independently, it was a great idea for me to set out four choices and if he wants to visit any of the activities that afternoon, great! And if not, that’s fine too. Either way, the rules are they have to stay at the table and he has to put away each one before moving to the next.

Let me just clarify that he doesn’t HAVE to do any of these but they are there if he wants to. They are usually learning activities that I want to keep organized and not lose any of the pieces to. Before, I was letting him work on them on the floor in the living room and the next second I’d look up and he’d be playing with something else and I’d be stressing about where all of the pieces were. With this system B can have a choice about what activities to try or not to try, how long he wants to work on them, and I’m stress free.

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Friday 4th of December 2009

I really like this! Even with our workbox type activity shelves, I find M off doing something else a lot of times with things scattered everywhere.


Thursday 3rd of December 2009

Very nice idea! We use a workbox-type system, where I have bins with activities for my kids to do on their own.