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More Christmas Songs

More Christmas Songs

The Activity Moms have more Christmas songs for you that your little one will love no matter what age they are!

More Christmas Songs


Christmas Bells
Sung to: “The Muffin Man”
Oh, do you hear the Christmas bells,
The Christmas bells, the Christmas bells?
Oh, do you hear the Christmas bells
That ring out loud & clear?
Oh, can you see our Christmas tree,
Our Christmas tree, our Christmas tree?
Oh, can you see our Christmas tree?
It fills the room with cheer.
Oh, do you smell the gingerbread,
The gingerbread, the gingerbread?
Oh, do you smell the gingerbread?
I’m glad Christmas is here.



5 Little Christmas Trees
5 little Christmas Trees
Standing all alone
Their heart were very sad
‘Cause they hadn’t found a home.
Then chop went the ax
And down fell the tree
And off they went with a happy family!
(continue from 4-1 Christmas Trees)
No little Christmas TreesStanding all alone
Their hearts were very happy
‘Cause they all found a home!!!

An Almost Unschooling Mom

Monday 14th of December 2009

Very cute - I'll be singing these with my youngest :)


Sunday 13th of December 2009

These are such sweet songs. I like that the first song mentions different senses and it would be fun for little ones to emphasis these with actions. I would also make and use some props for these songs (bells, pictures of trees and a picture of a gingerbread person).

I like the Christmas light pattern idea. Using sticky tape certainly does increase the fun factor around here!