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Dot Painters

Dot Painters

I finally bought some dot painters from Amazon and they are a big hit. We are addicted! Here’s what we’ve done with them so far…..

dot painters

We love using these Magnet Pages from Making Learning Fun!

They also have these Do A Dot Marker Pages but we haven’t tried them yet.

dot painters

Letter Searches from Prekinders

dot painters to trace letters
We’ve used them to trace letters.

dot painters to make rainbows

We’ve used them to make rainbows.

What else can we do with dot markers? We need your ideas!


Wednesday 17th of November 2010

making your own wrapping paper for Christmas would be a good idea. Polka Dotted papper..

Just Me

Sunday 7th of February 2010

ha! Sorry but I bought these a while ago and have learned that their definition of 'washable' is not my definition. My blue pillow speaks to that. But they are a TON of fun!


Friday 5th of February 2010

I have looked for these in a number of places here, but I can't seem to locate them. I think I will have to order them online. I often see them on blogs and think they would be great for my little boy.

I was going to suggest bingo type games and dot to dot, but I see they have already been suggested. I have been trying to think of other ideas I have seen in the blogging world, but at the moment nothing is coming to mind.

Miller Moments

Thursday 4th of February 2010

We just got some Dot A Dot Paints and I'm so excited to see this post and find new ways to use them!

Raising a Happy Child

Thursday 4th of February 2010

The only thing that my daughter is interested in doing with them is connect-the-dots as described by Min. Apparently she does like them in her preschool, but couldn't be bothered at home. One of her quirks :)