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Awesome Letter Crafts!

Awesome Letter Crafts!

I’m SO pumped up about these letter crafts found on Totally Tots (led by Jolanthe)! She features a letter craft (examples pictured above) and a book for each letter.

awesome letter crafts

My original plan was to do one a day just for fun, but B hounded me to do more than one per day and would have sat down and done them all if I would have let him. He even went as far as to put a cute pouty face on and tell me “his friends A, B, and C were sad because they were missing their friends D, E, and F!”
I LOVE that they are made from craft foam which makes them fun for B to play with (versus a letter craft on paper) and I’m hoping that they will last longer. They were so EASY to make! I cut all of the pieces for letters A-M in advance in about an hour. I drew them by hand (not worrying about straight lines) on craft foam that you can find on Amazon or at local craft stores. I put all of the pieces and the squiggly eyes (also from a craft store) in a bag for each letter. That way it was easy for me to pull one out when we were ready to put it together. I also drew little dots on the letter so that B would know where to put the glue.



Saturday 7th of January 2012

I have been working with my older son on the alphabet using these letters.... I am subscribed to you and had found them through you when i was browsing through your site... just wanted to let you know that you led me there :)

I also use some other crafts and ideas i find around the web and posted the first half of alphabet on my blog :)


Friday 9th of April 2010

These are very cute! Thanks for sharing the link!

Little Family Fun

Thursday 4th of March 2010

Oh, and I will be linking to you next week and your idea for the shapes & letters printable roads. Thanks again!

Little Family Fun

Thursday 4th of March 2010

Love it. ESPECIALLY getting it all organized before hand. That seems to be the hardest part whenever we do a craft....I sit LM down and then have to gather the supplies and do all the Mommy stuff first. By that time, he's lost interest, and I'm more stressed trying to hurry and get everything ready. Thank you for the inspiration!Linda

Miller Moments

Wednesday 3rd of March 2010

We love letter crafts!