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Printable Team Umizoomi Shape Puzzles

shape puzzles

B has a new interest in the show Team Umizoomi. I must admit that at first I thought the show was a bit lame but once I saw B’s reaction to it and how much he learns, I decided to get on board.

I found these printable Super Shapes Puzzles at They are similar to the pattern block mats that we have done before (found at but the fact that Geo is on the page and that he got to use the glue, brings it to a whole new level around here.


Absolutely Positive

Friday 26th of March 2010

Great ideas! Love your site...I will definitely be back for more great ideas for home schooling!

Found you while hopping around on Friday Follow and McLinky. Following you now.

Have fun today! Check out my blog for an awesome give away!