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Using Your Body to Make Letters

Using Your Body to Make Letters

I’ve had this dorky dream for a long time that when B got older and started getting interested in the alphabet, that we would make an alphabet book with pictures of us forming letters with our bodies. 

using your body to make letters

The Letter A

 Here is the first and ONLY picture for our book. B wasn’t interested at all. “Do you want to make the letter B next?” “No, we already made the A. We are done now.”

So my dream was squashed BUT I still wanted to share the idea so you could have the fun and memories of completing your own book!

Debs- Learn with Play @ home

Friday 20th of July 2012

hahaha, I love that you posted it anyway! :) (Plus, would you believe that not many letter activities start with the letter "u"? haha, you rock! :D


Thursday 15th of April 2010

how do you make a o!!!!

Deborah (Teach Preschool)

Tuesday 30th of March 2010

LOL! I'm sorry your dream was crushed:)


Monday 29th of March 2010

I have the coolest set of flashcards from Williamsburg of people making the letters with their bodies. I keep thinking I need to do this with my kids, but still haven't yet.


Monday 29th of March 2010

We must be goofy, too. I've been on the floor making letters with my kids. My girls did this in Preschool too with the other children.

JenCreative and Curious Kids!