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Chopstick Letters

Chopstick Letters

Next time you are at a restaurant with chopsticks, make chopstick letters!

chopstick letters

We were at a Chinese restaurant the other day and I was telling B that sometimes people eat rice with chopsticks. I was trying to show him what I meant and we were giggling as I failed over and over again.
“Do you want to try, B?” “No thanks, I’m going to make letters with them.” Another great idea I should have thought of myself!



Friday 16th of April 2010

Hi! Thanks for the comment on my blog - I love the ideas that you have here on your blog! I tried to find the "Team Umizoomi" episode online so that I could print the recipe card out for Jake but I think it's too new for them to have it on their site yet. Bummer!

This chopstick idea is a great one! Thanks ;)


Friday 16th of April 2010

B is so smart! Awesome idea, and one I should've thought of myself!

Just wanted you to know that I linked up with you on my page, where I write Early Childhood articles. Come take a look! :)


Thursday 15th of April 2010

How cute! I have two chopsticks stories-I lived in Japan for 2 months and was out to dinner with a table of Japanese people who couldn't speak English. They had a ball making fun of me as I tried to fit in and eat like they were- not fair! 2nd story- one time I put couch pillows on the floor and made Chinese and we all tried to eat w/ chopsticks- fun family night- and funny to watch each other. We shouldn't have just made letters like B! :)

Take Care!

JDaniel4's Mom

Thursday 15th of April 2010

What a great spur of the moment idea!