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Paper Bag Letter Blocks

Paper Bag Letter Blocks
It is easy to make paper bag letter blocks. Take a paper lunch bag and stuff it about 1/2 full with newspaper. Fold over the top and tape. We had letters on one side and numbers on the other side.

paper bag letter blocks

These were easy to make and fun for the day, BUT I must confess that they got recycled at the end of the night. They weren’t great for stacking and ended up being thrown around a lot. However, I think they are neat for working with or learning letters. (Example: Can you find the block that has a C on it? or “Let’s put them in order from A to Z!”)

Also, check out these ABC blocks from Kids Club. Just print, cut, and fold. They have a letter and a picture on each block.

Jamila Alqarnain

Wednesday 28th of January 2015

My children and I did this project after I saw your pic on pinterest. We wrote Arabic alphabets on ours. The kids had a lot of fun! Check out what we did at Here is the exact link: Thanks for the inspiration!

Arabic Alphabet Activity: Paper Blocks- Muslim Homeschool blog

Monday 26th of January 2015

[…] I decided to make Arabic alphabet paper bag blocks with my 3 boys and it went over very well, Alhumdulilah. I found the instructions for this activity on pinterest. Don’t you just love pinterest? I call it the teacher’s wonderland. The ideas are just endless! Thanks for the great idea Activity Mom! […]


Saturday 31st of July 2010

I love your ideas, and wrote a little blip about your site on my blog too. Have a great weekend.Holly


Thursday 29th of July 2010

They have great potential to be used in "bean bag" type games too!