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Wait! Don’t Throw That Away!

Wait! Don’t throw that away! Here are some more ways you can use this sticker sheet one more time to make learning fun for your preschooler or toddler.
wait don't throw that away
When we were done with this sheet of stickers I decided to see what I could reuse the outside part of the sticker sheet for. I stuck it onto a plain white sheet of paper and B had fun writing letters and words in it. Eventually it does get recycled (later that day for us), but before we did we got an extra few minutes of fun with that sticker sheet.
Other Ideas:
Peel this off of the sticker sheet first and place the stickers back onto the sheet like a puzzle.
Make faces showing as many emotions as you can.
Color the circles to make bigger pictures such as flowers or an abstract design.
Write letters in the circles and have your child find certain ones to color in.
How many things can you draw/make with a circle?
Cut them into rows and count the number of circles.


Sunday 22nd of August 2010

What fun! My son loves to punch holes with a push pin in the empty spaces - did that make sense?


Thursday 19th of August 2010

I used the outside part of the sticker sheet to create a matching stickers silhouette activity. See here if you are interested.

Jennifer G.

Thursday 19th of August 2010

Seriously, you are so creative! And, like I've said before, right up my alley! I love how simple and easy-to-do your ideas are! I love your blog!


Wednesday 18th of August 2010

Fantastic ideas!