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Baby Activity – Rings and an Ice Cube Tray

Baby Activity – Rings and an Ice Cube Tray
Try this Baby Activity – Rings in a Tray with your baby or toddler.
baby activity rings in a tray

Baby N and I played a game the other day with these rings and an ice cube tray. I would put one in each section and she would take them out. It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, I know, but to an 8 month old it was a blast. Then, my friend’s son who is 15 months had fun putting them back in. It was a challenge to get them turned just the right way so they fit.

Do you have a bunch of these rings and older kids who don’t use them?

Try these activities:
Sort and hang (on a knob or hook) the rings by color.
Sort by texture or shape.
Start a pattern with them and have your child finish it.
Count with them. Make 10 chains (1-10) to hang.
Grab 2 handfuls and connect them. Which has more? Less? Which line is longer? Shorter? What is the sum of both chains?


Sunday 31st of October 2010

I love your blog. I get most of my son's 'activities' from here. He's 10 months old and he's loving everything we do!! Thanks so much!