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Don’t Touch the Carpet Challenge

Bored? Try the Don’t Touch the Carpet Challenge!
don't touch the carpet challengedon't touch the carpet challenge
I gave B two pieces of paper and challenged him to get to the basketball hoop without touching the carpet. I showed him how to step to the next paper and transfer the other paper to the front. The motor skills used to balance, bend, and move and then the multi-step process made this a challenging and fun activity!

Marta Mccarthy

Friday 21st of May 2021

Love that game! That's a perfect game at home for your kids especially if you have an installed carpet. We will recommend this game to our clients. Nice idea!

Sam and Boo Book Reviews

Wednesday 13th of October 2010

Ah. Boo is already a master at stepping on matching colours when we make a game of it. I hadn't thought of challenging his motor skills by teaching him to do this. Excellent idea. I'll try it tonight.

Little Family Fun

Tuesday 12th of October 2010

That is a fun idea! Oh, and I'm not sure if you saw my comment to your question on my blog, but you are welcome to use my picture of the pumpkin matching on your blog!Thanks!Linda


Tuesday 12th of October 2010

I love these type of "we can do it anywhere, any time" activities. Thanks for sharing!


Tuesday 12th of October 2010

I did this with pillows as a kid! Love this.