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Sorting – Halloween Candy

We are on a sorting CRAZE at our house. B wants to sort everything! So this week will be all about sorting. I will be sharing different ideas and printables for you to try.

 Lollipops Clip Art
Sort Your Halloween Candy
Grab a handful and have your child sort by:
beginning letter
color of wrapper
size (big and small or small, medium, large)
chocolate/not chocolate
like/not like

Lauralee Moss

Tuesday 9th of November 2010

We sort cars! My son has tons of cars and we do colors, tall/short, etc. Great idea!


Monday 8th of November 2010

Great idea! Love you blog.


Monday 8th of November 2010

Great idea and what a fun way to use that Halloween candy.

Jamie Kaufmann

Monday 8th of November 2010

my 5-year-old graphed his candy. these are all fun ideas!

Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl

Monday 8th of November 2010

Great minds think alike! Glad I popped over - I love the "I spy!"