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Baby Activity – First Collage

 I was inspired by the idea of a sticky collage over at A Mommy’s Adventures so I decided to give it a try.
baby activity first collage logo
I gave N (13 months) a piece of contact paper with the sticky side facing up. B and I cut different shapes out of construction paper and showed her how to stick them on. She was more interested in the crinkling of the paper and less involved with the making of the collage. I will for sure try this again with her. This is such a neat first project for your baby. I like the way Michelle at A Mommy’s Adventures backed hers with colored construction paper and saved it as her baby’s first art piece.
Blake had fun making one too which proves it isn’t just a baby activity.
nature collage
We’ve also tried this same concept outdoors and created a Nature Collage.

Elle Belles Bows

Sunday 13th of March 2011


Love the Nature Collage idea too! Will definitely try it!