Summer Boredom Busters

I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite summer boredom busters!

One of my favorite summer activities is to make and explore with Ice Treasures.

Summer Boredom Busters
Simply fill a large Tupperware container with water and small trinkets. Freeze and then pop the block of ice out of the container. Give your child different tools to use to get the items out of the ice. Try forks, spoons, pretend hammers, a small cup of water and a dropper, or salt to melt the ice. The next time you try it, let yoru child choose the items to freeze. Endless fun!

Summer Boredom Busters Sun Prints
Sun prints are a neat way to experiment and learn. Put different shapes, magnetic letters, or rocks on a piece of construction paper and let them sit in the sun for the day. My son loves to see how his masterpieces turn out and has fun trying to create different designs.
Summer Boredom Busters Nature Collage

Make a Nature Collage with contact paper and items collected from your yard. Stick different pieces of nature onto the contact paper and then fold when finished or place another piece of contact paper over the top. I like this activity because it can be done with such a variety of ages (15 months and up).

I hope these activities help jump start your summer fun.

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