Points, Tournaments, and Tally Marks

Points, Tournaments, and Tally Marks
points tournaments and tally marks

We’ve been on a roll with board games lately! B has been really excited about them so we are rolling with it. He also has been shouting, “Whoever finds it gets a point!” or “First person in the car gets a point!” or “Boys have the most points”. So I decided to combine his competitive side with his love of board games and add a little learning too.

We’ve had Uno tournaments, Rock Paper Scissors tournaments, and Number Races. How do we keep track of who is winning? Tally Marks! B makes a chart with all of our names and runs to mark a tally by the winner’s name after each round. He loves to have control over this task and likes to read us the score and who is ahead. Try it next time you’re having family game night!

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