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Matching Pumpkins

 N (22 months) and I worked on matching pumpkins from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Pumpkin Preschool Printables. 
matching pumpkinsmatching pumpkins
 I started with 2 pumpkins for her to match and then we worked our way up to 4 pumpkins. If your toddler isn’t ready for matching the pumpkin halves, put the pumpkins in a row (without cutting them) and ask your child to point to the orange pumpkin (or blue or yellow etc.). N only did this activity twice with me before she wanted to carry the cards around the house and cook with them in her kitchen.

JDaniel4's Mom

Thursday 27th of October 2011

This is a great way to work on visual discrimination!


Thursday 27th of October 2011

I love the resources that I've been finding online for little man! So much, so little time. I wanted to thank you for my recent purchase- Sesame St. kit- we love it! I'm amazed at how much he can really do in the kit. Some of the activities I need to guide him. (scaffolding- I think the teaching term