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2011 Activity Advent Countdown (printable)

2011 Activity Advent Countdown (printable)

I’m so excited to bring you my annual, printable Activity Advent Countdown! I used ideas, printables, and resources (list below) found around the web to make counting down to Christmas fun and educational!

2011 Activity Advent Countdown
1.       1. Christmas Lights Color Pom Pom Matching (scroll down)
2.       2. Make a Paper Plate Angel
3.       3. Snowman Dice Game
4.       4. Christmas Alphabet Book
5.       5. Make a Snowman Ornament
6.       6. Christmas Picture Puzzles (scroll down)
7.       7. Christmas Lights Coloring
8.       8. Marshmallow Trees
9. Make a Christmas Bauble Ornament
         10. Christmas Alphabet Game

Where to Start:

1) Print the 2011 Activity Advent Calendar Cards and Materials List. This includes the countdown cards, a list of activities, and list of materials needed.2)  Set up the 25 countdown cards to get your child excited about the Countdown to Christmas Activities.
* Put each card in a small box and wrap them. Let your child unwrap a box each morning and that is the activity of the day (regardless of the number)

·        * Put the cards in a jar and have your child pick a random one out.

·         *Attach them to a piece of garland with clothes pins and take one down each day in order.

·        * Make a pocket chart with library pockets from the dollar store or by sewing felt into a grid and put the cards in the pockets in order. Pull one out each day.

·       *  Make a chart with the numbers 1-25 on it. Have your child pick and cross off a number each day. That number would be the activity of the day.

·       *  Hang the cards from the lower branches of your Christmas tree and let your child pick the activity for the day by picking one to take off of the tree.
3) I print all of the activities and gather my materials ahead of time so that I can just grab what I need for that day. That way the work is done and I can enjoy the countdown with my kids!



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Monday 28th of October 2013

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Tuesday 6th of December 2011

Great Download- I just passed it along to the parents reading my birthday party blog. Thanks!

Mrs. M

Friday 2nd of December 2011

Love all your ideas!Hope you don't mind, but I have commented on your Advent Activities and added a link to your blog as well.Thanks again!

Little Yancey Family

Tuesday 29th of November 2011

I'm super excited! I'll be doing this again this year, with my 4 yr old and my 2 yr old. Thanks for putting in so much work so I don't have to :)


Sunday 27th of November 2011

Aaah thank you so much for the feature :-) glad you like our Christmas Baubles :-)