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Roll a Rainbow (printable)

Roll a Rainbow (printable)
Roll a Rainbow is a free printable activity to practice counting and develop number sense.
roll and rainbow
This Roll a Rainbow printable from KidsCount1234 is a great way to introduce and practice addition and/or counting from 1-12. B doesn’t necessarily know he is adding, but he is being exposed to it in a fun way.
How to Play:
Roll 2 dice. Color in the number you rolled. When the rainbow is colored in, you win!


Monday 21st of November 2011

i'm so excited to find out such new ideas! thank you,mimi from Romania


Tuesday 15th of November 2011

That's really cute! My girls are studying colors in French and Spanish- so I could incorporate that as well. My 7 year old needs to practice her facts, so this would be a fun way to do that. :)