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Airplane Rhymes

Airplane Rhymes
Whether you have a guest that is flying in on an airplane or your children are getting ready to fly on an airplane, here are some airplane rhymes for your little ones!
Airplane Rhymes
I’m a Little Airplane
(sung to the tune of “I’m a Little Teapot”)

I’m a little airplane in the sky.

I start out low; then I fly up high.
When it’s time to land, my wheels come down.
And then I gently touch the ground.

Workers at the Airport

(sung to the tune of “Skip to My Lou”)
Workers at the airport,
Whom will we see?
Workers at the airport,
Whom will we see?
Workers at the airport,
Whom will we see?
Ticket agents giving tickets to me.
Substitute last line with these phrases:
Luggage carriers taking bags for me.
Pilots flying the plane for me.
Attendants bringing food to me.
Controllers watching planes for me.
Five Little Airplanes
Five little airplanes flying in the sky.
Come in for a landing from way up high.
The first little airplane shining in the sun,
Is the first to land on runway number 1.
The second little airplane carrying its crew,
Lands very slowly on runway number 2.
The third little airplane, such a sight to see,
Lands quietly on runway number 3.
The fourth little airplane can’t wait anymore,
And lands very quickly on runway number 4.
The fifth little airplane is the last to arrive,

And finally lands on runway number 5!

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JDaniel4's Mom

Wednesday 29th of February 2012

What wonderful songs! I will need to remember them the next time we travel.