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Creative Writing and Story Telling with Easter Story Starters (printable)

Creative Writing and Story Telling with Easter Story Starters (printable)

Easter is right around the corner!

Have fun stretching your child’s creative thinking skills with these Easter story starters.

Print these story starters for FREE with the link below.

1. Twas the night before Easter…
2. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My Easter basket was filled with…
3. Easter morning, I looked out my window and…
4. Crack, crack, crack… suddenly one of my Easter eggs started to move!
5. Oh no! The Easter bunny broke his leg.
6. These weren’t ordinary jelly beans. These jelly beans…
7. This year I’m going to catch that Easter bunny.
8. I can’t believe it. The Easter bunny….
9. Peter Cottontail left me a note! It said, Dear…
10. Suddenly the Easter eggs started to talk! 

For preschoolers, have them tell you their story as you write. Read it back to them and illustrate it together.

For older writers, try Round Robin Writing:
1. Choose a story starter.
2. Start writing for 5-10 minutes.
3. Stop and then pass your paper to the left.
4. Read over what the last person wrote. Next, continue the story.
5. Write for 3 minutes and then stop. Pass it to the next person.
6. This process continues until the original writer gets their paper back.
7. You’ve now created multiple group stories!
8. Share and giggle at your creations.


Print these Easter Story Starters, cut them apart and place them inside plastic eggs in an Easter basket. Take turns picking a story idea to get you started. Have fun creating and/or illustrating your story. 

Written by Jen

Clip art © by Dixie Allan

Raising a Happy Child

Thursday 5th of April 2012

Brilliant ideas. I have to try some of these story starters out. Thanks for sharing!