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Pattern Games

Try some pattern games with your toddler or preschooler using the book “Pattern Bugs” to inspire you.
Pattern Bugs by Trudy Harris is one of  my two year old’s new favorite books.   He really enjoyed when I shared Pattern Fish with him, so I knew that this book was going to be a treat.  It surprises me how many of the patterns that he can complete throughout the book.
skitter, scoot, crawl, skitter, scoot, crawl, skitter, scoot…… CRAWL!
 After reading Pattern Bugs over and over at his request, I created a pattern bug game.  I printed out multiple copies of a matching game on card stock that I found at Busy Bees Kids’ Printables.
pattern games
I picked out different bugs and made them into patterns.  The pattern below is a simple AB pattern that repeats. I asked LM what came next.  Because of his age (27 months), he was a little distracted by the cards and wanted to pick them up and play with them.  Maybe a better activity for preschool and above.
pattern games
butterfly-honeybee-butterfly-honey bee…….BUTTERFLY! For more pattern fun, be sure to check out my post over at Creative and Curious Kids! titled  5 Fun Pattern Activities.
Written by Jen

Jackie H.

Tuesday 24th of April 2012

I haven't seen this book either but my 3 (almost 4) year old LOVES patterns. I tried patterns with him when he was really young too. It took longer than I expected but I think the early introduction is still good.. even if they don't seem to get it. Thanks for the link to the printables.

Andrea @ No Doubt Learning

Tuesday 24th of April 2012

I'll have to check out these books...never heard of them! Thanks for the suggestion!~Andrea