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13 Month Old Activities

My little G is almost 13 months old and we are really starting to explore some fun tray activities that expose him to new things! Here are some fun 13 month old activities you both can enjoy.


With a big sister in the house, there are always stickers around!

Try placing a few on your babe’s hand and have him peel them off.  The fine motor work will be evident because it takes a lot of concentration!


Try a fresh spin by covering a plastic lid with stickers.  Again, have your little one peel them off.  It’s guaranteed hard work (and an older sibling will most likely want to help!).





Once your little learner is mobile, be it through walking or crawling, a whole new world opens up.  They’ll seek to explore and figure things out, which is why lids can be so fun!  G loves to pop open the lids of a pill box, but a can of Puffs or shoebox are also great learning tools.

Pop a little cracker or yogurt melt inside and it’s just too tempting to not open!


I know I’ve talked about my love of buttons before (namely THESE) and we’re constantly finding new uses for them.  Our learning activity this week includes dropping buttons into vessels, with our favorite being an empty diaper wipes container!  The “button” to pop open the lid is super exciting for G and the satisfying “clink” the buttons make is even better.  It’s a game we play over and over again!

You can encourage your tot to open the lid and pour out the objects, or maybe even find new objects to drop in (big sis M took an empty diaper wipes box to her room and used it as her cash register yesterday!).

Written by Jill
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Friday 29th of June 2012

I was just thinking I needed some fresh ideas for a 15 month old. He's bored of me and these will be perfect! Thanks!


Tuesday 26th of June 2012

Those are GREAT ideas! I love the idea of putting a treat to eat inside- I bet that does make the thrill of victory that much sweeter:)