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Spray the Letter

Spray the Letter
This impromptu “Spray the Letter” game turned out to be really neat way to make learning fun for N (2 1/2).
spray the letter
B (5) wrote letters on the chalkboard (it was fun for him to be involved too).
Then, N sprayed the letter that I said. I would say, “Spray the letter S” or “Spray the letter that says /s/” or “Spray D for Dad”.
spray the letter
Not only was it a perfect way to sneak in a little letter practice, but the spray bottle is great for strengthening muscles in the hand and wrist to get her ready for writing.
Other Ideas:
Write letters on the driveway with sidewalk chalk and spray with a squirt gun.
Write letters with chalk on a fence and spray with the hose or squirt gun.
Write letters on the fence or on the driveway and toss water balloons to try to hit them.
Try this with: