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Learning with Your 15 Month Old

Learning with Your 15 Month Old
My little G is 15 months old and is still enjoying special activities, either with his big sis or with me (and then he likes to “show off” for daddy!).
Here are some fun ways you can be learning with your 15 month old!
Toothpicks and Sugar Shaker
Learning with Your 15 Month Old
I bought this sugar shaker at the dollar store and gave G a pile of toothpicks (and of course, I always closely monitor him with any material and never leave him unsupervised!).  After a quick demonstration of dropping the toothpick through the hole, G was anxious to try.  I think he must have done this a hundred times!  It’s great for fine motor work!
Counting Bears
Learning with Your 15 Month Old
There are so many things you can do with counting bears, but since G is still so little, we had fun just dropping them in cups, pouring them out, and then doing it all over again.  Anything that makes a satisfying clink sound is always fun!
Learning with Your 15 Month Old
Some large construction paper and a box of crayons is a fun activity to work on together!
Well, until he decided it was even more fun to throw the crayons.
Learning with Your 15 Month Old
 It’s all part of the art process, right?
Physical Play
 Learning with Your 15 Month Old
It’s also important to exercise those gross motor skills too, and at this age, it’s all about climbing, crawling, running, and rolling!  G loves his weekly tumbling class where he can do all those things in a fun and safe environment.  We go through the city parks and recreation because the classes are so affordable!
Muffin Tin Meal
Learning with Your 15 Month Old
Oh I was SO excited when I served G his first muffin tin snack!  He loved the “buffet” options and quickly cleaned out each well (I used a silicon mold with large openings).  I think he really loved the different options and it was a great snack!
15 months old is definitely a fun, busy age!
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Written by Jill


Sunday 30th of March 2014

We recycle old baby food jars. I turn them into exploration jars with water, ribbons, pompoms, glitter, and little toys. I also put different fruits into different jars. My son then take them out of the jars to eat. Or I basically just give him a jar with a lid. He spends a great amount of time just taking it off and putting it back on.