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United States Activities (printable)

United States Activities (printable)
Is your child curious or learning about the United States of America? Here are some games, activities, printable worksheets, that will be perfect for learning about the different states!
states activities

Right now B is really interested in the United States. His interest really peaked when we discovered the app “Stack the States“.

I wanted a simple game we could play to identify the states so I made this printable United States Card Game. (Clipart from This is a great resource for teaching students the names of US states and capital cities. These cards can also be printed and used as states flashcards to learn the names of the states.

How to Play:

Put the cards face down in a pile. Take turns picking a card. When you pick a card, say the state name you collected (or the capital city of that state for an advanced version). When someone picks the “You Win” card the game is over and they are the winner.


Other Fun Ways to Learn About the United States of America:

United States Bingo from Deceptively Educational
Another version of United States Bingo from The Crafting Chicks. This blank USA map would also make a great printable puzzle. Print the map of The United States, cut it out and into different pieces, and challenge your child to put it back together.
states activities
How to Teach Your Child the States at Breakfast with a United States placemat from Grasping for Objectivity
states activities
Pick Up States Game from Fabulous in Fourth is a fun game where you pick a stick and identify the correct state or capital. Easy to make and play.
states activities
A State Worksheet for each state (printable) from Crayola includes state facts such as the state flower, state nickname, state flag, and state bird.
Layers of Learning has printable maps for each of the individual states of North America. These blank maps are a great way to work on different map skills.
State Scattergories from Layers of Learning is one of her printable activities that I love the most. What a great way to review your social studies knowledge about The United States.
 And of course “Nifty Fifty” which is a great song for memorizing the state names.


Free Printable Skip Counting Puzzle

Free, printable American Flag Skip Counting Puzzle



Build a Lego Map of the United States like they did at Inspiration Laboratory


Other Printable Activities:

Abbreviations Crossword Puzzles from Real Life at Home – I love that this crossword puzzle works on the name of the state and abbreviations in a fun way. 

50 States Word Search from Puzzles to Print is a cool resource. 

Sketch your way through the United States with a 50 page printable book from Kitchen Table Classroom.

United States Trading Cards from Royal Baloo

Collect 50 Quarters from all 50 States – Printable from Research Parent

States and Capitals Print and Cursive Copywork from Inspire the Mom

Jackie H.

Monday 6th of August 2012

This is a great round up of states activities. My son is really interested in the states too. At bedtime he always says, "Mommy, read me the whole wide world." Which I FINALLY figured out, read me the atlas. It's actually just an atlas of the 50 states, not the world! He'll love these activities.