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Activities for Your 16 Month Old

Activities for Your 16 Month Old
My little man is 16 months old and has never been more active! Activities for your 16 month old…
I’ve tried creating several activity trays but since they hardly held his attention, I had to think a little… bigger.
Do you have an active tot?  Here’s how we’re learning with G this month!

Soft Books

Activities for Your 16 Month Old
G loves, loves, loves a good basket of books.  I keep a wire basket filled with tons of soft books and he’s always amazed by the flaps or different textures.
He likes to drag the basket up to the fireplace hearth, climb on up, and read.  Daily!

Cause and Effect Toys

Activities for Your 16 Month Old


G is amazed by things that require his actions to make it work.  You can really see him trying to figure out the mechanics of things!
Some of our favorite toys are the Chicco ball popper, the Fisher Price Incrediblock, and this SUPER fun shake and go Fisher Price Race Car.

Fine Motor Snacking

Activities for Your 16 Month Old
 Okay, stick with me here.  Since G had NO interest in any of the fine motor trays I set up for him, I switched gears and added in food.  The boy LOVES food!
I used a melon baller and scooped out cantaloupe, watermelon, and honeydew.  Then, I gave him a plastic pick (like THESE, commonly used in bento boxes) and showed him how to skewer a piece of fruit and transfer it to his mouth.  I’ve got to say, he LOVED this activity (and it filled his belly, too!).
We’ve also tried using picks to eat small pieces of cut up cheese or hot dog pieces.  Great fine motor activity!

Let’s Get LOUD!

Activities for Your 16 Month Old
Let them unload your pots and pans (or in my case, the baking cupboard), hand them a spoon, and let them play.  G loves anything loud so banging on pans, muffin tins, and cake molds was just too fun!

Play Dough

Activities for Your 16 Month Old
This month, I introduced G to a ball of play dough.  I showed him to squeeze or pull pieces, but honestly, he was more interested in using it as a ball and throwing it.  We’ll keep trying!

Texture Time

Activities for Your 16 Month Old
I filled a canister with pompoms of all different sizes and textures (sparkly, spikey, smooth).  I always pick up packs of pompoms whenever I’m at a dollar store or dollar spot.  Again, he kept calling them “balls” and throwing them, but it’s still a good intro to different types of textures and colors.  He enjoyed just taking them out, throwing them, and then putting them back in.


Activities for Your 16 Month Old
The boy LOVES to color.  I like to use THESE crayons (they’re in a plastic shell) because there’s nothing for him to really nibble on, should he get an inkling to taste anything!  My sister was around this particular session to help out and make sure that only the paper caught the color; not the tile!
How does your little one like to learn and explore?
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Written by Jill


Thursday 6th of September 2012

Mine is also 16 months and LOVES books. I love how G sits and reads on the fireplace, so cute :)

Tulip TrueAim

Wednesday 5th of September 2012

Great list! I would love if you would link this up at my link party Mom's Library! Hope to see you there.