Water Play

Ever since LM was just one years old, his favorite activity has been water play.  It may appear that during water play that all children are doing is getting wet and splashing, when in actuality a lot of learning is taking place.
Water Play
Learning can occur in a variety of areas during water play.. science, math, creativity and more.  Recently, I read a wonderful article titled Water Play: Wet and Wonderful on Earlychildhood News that focuses just on the relevance of water play and the development of little one’s minds.


water play

With the days still being hot, we had a chance last week to play with water outside.  You don’t need to have nice weather for water play, though.  Just place down a towel in the kitchen and let your little one play while you clean.  I often use this as a play activity for LM while I do the dishes.  Here are a few ways that we’ve used water play to explore: Ocean Sensory Bin

water play

Add water beads to the water for a different sensory experience.

At the Car Wash

water play

 Foam soap, a few cars, and now you have a car wash!

Other Water Play Ideas:
Creative Ways to Play with Water
Inside Water Play

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