Ghost Activities

Halloween is just around the corner, but there are still a couple of days left to do one of these fun, ghost activities with your little one!

1. Footprint treat bags

ghost activities

 A few years ago, I made these boo-tiful treat bags.  I think they turned out great.  If you don’t want to make a treat bag, it makes a great craft on any colored paper.  Save your little one’s foot print for years to come!

2. Pop up ghost puppet
Aren’t stick puppets the best? easy and perfect for little fingers.

Paper cup
Popsicle stick
White construction paper or white foam board
Black marker
Optional: googly eyes and glue

For directions on how to make this peek-a-boo ghost, click on the link above.

3. Spooky lollipops
These are easy to create… all you need is a tootsie pop, tissue paper, and a black marker for the eyes.  Wrap the lollipop in white tissue paper and tie with ribbon or string.  I think that these would be cute hanging on a tree for a Halloween party. The guests could take one when they leave.

At lmnop, they poked them into apples for a healthier treat!

ghost activities

4. Shaving cream ghosts
LM (34 months) and his little buddy (14 months) loved painting ghosts with shaving cream.  I printed out the cutest ghost I could find, because I’m all about cute!  Next, I put shaving cream on a Styrofoam plate and then showed them how to paint with it.  So surprised that the one year old didn’t try to eat it.

ghost activities

5.  Ghostly Smores
The kids visited their Aunt Patty last week and she pulled this creative treat out of her cupboard!  Her son shared the idea with her after seeing it on television show. Put together your smore and then place it in the microwave.  Start out around 10 seconds.  It is fun to watch the ghost puff up as it heats.

ghost activities
Even more fun… watching my kids eating this gooey treat!
Written by Jen
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