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Halloween Story Starters

Halloween Story Starters
Halloween is right around the corner.  Have fun using your imagination while encouraging your young writer with a few creative Halloween story starters.
Halloween Story Starters

These are great for family time. Share a combined oral story around the table or for independent writing combine it with an author’s night.  Have your child illustrate their story as well using a variety of art media.

For younger children, don’t forget that you can write their ideas down for them.  Print out the free Halloween story starter printable and post for your kids or cut the story starters into strips and put in a Halloween container/bin.  Most of all, have fun being creative with your little ones while inspiring important skills.

Halloween Story Starters
  • Slowly, we approached the old house…
  • Could it be true, is our teacher really a …
  • We were having a blast at the Halloween party until…
  • My parents seem normal, but actually, they are werewolves!
  • Kooky Candy Company created a brand new candy bar and it’s magical!
  • We came home from trick or treating and to my surprise, all of my candy was GONE!
  • Am I seeing things, or did my jack-o-lantern just wink at me?Written by Jen


Wednesday 31st of October 2012

Thanks, just what I was looking for! Now I can use your creativity rather than my lameness.