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Free Printable Sequencing Cards and Activities for Preschoolers

Free Printable Sequencing Cards and Activities for Preschoolers

Sequencing skills are important for children as they learn to follow directions and organize information. Vocabulary is an important skill that can develop from using sequencing cards. Logic skills are also built when putting things in sequential order. Then, with older students it transfers to their literacy skills (reading and writing). Use these sequence cards printable to work with your preschool children.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Free Sequencing Cards (printable)

Little Red Hen Sequencing Cards from Mailbox

These cards are free and go great with the story of the Little Red Hen.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Hand Washing Sequencing Cards Printable from Making Learning Fun

This can be posted by a sink to help with daily life in the classroom or by printing them and cutting apart to practice putting them in the right order.

The life cycle of a plant or how a bean grows into a plant are found at File Folder Fun and are a great way to integrate sequencing and Science.

Sequencing Cards Printable
Morning Routine Sequencing Cards Printable from PreKinders
This could be used as a morning checklist for early learners or to introduce the vocabulary of first, second, third, and fourth.
Preschool Mom has a set of sequencing cards that highlights the life cycle of a butterfly. These picture cards may be difficult for preschoolers to put in order if they don’t have background knowledge of the life cycle of a butterfly because it is such an abstract concept. 
Having Fun at Home has a neat set of sequencing cards that go with the awesome story, “Are You My Mother?”. Use these retelling cards to put the events of the story in the correct order!
Sequencing Cards Printable

Gingerbread Man Sequencing Cards Printable from Making Learning Fun

The Gingerbread Man is one of our favorite stories! This is a fun sequencing activity that can be used with that book.

Prekinders offers this free, printable 3 Little Pig sequencing cards as a free sample from her 3 Little Pigs unit. Being able to retell the story in order is an important part of reading comprehension. 

Sequencing Cards Printable

Bible Story Sequencing from Bible Story Printables

Use these sequencing cards to help the children retell the story.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Nativity Sequencing Cards from Inspiration Surrounds Creativity Abounds

Beautiful illustrations to a beautiful story! These cards can be used for beginning readers or as a hint for children of all ages to retell this important story. It may be helpful to put the numbers on the back of the cards as a hint. 

Homeschool Creations offers these free Goodnight Moon sequencing cards. Who doesn’t love that book, so these are a must have! The bonus is that they include ordinal numbers which are an important concept. This set would work well in a pocket chart.

sequencing cards printable

HUGE list of sequencing cards from DLTK

So many choices from this great site which make it a great resource of printable activities!

Three Billy Goats Gruff is another great story for children. Show the sequence of events that the goats had to do in order to cross the bridge with these free story sequencing cards to go with it from The Fabulous First Grade. 

Sequencing Cards Printable

Very Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing from DLTKAnother favorite story of ours!

Putting these cards on magnets, velcro, or popsicle sticks are a few fun ways to help you retell the story.

Exploring Nature offers these free cards to help your little one show the growth of a plant in logical order.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Mommy Bird Sequencing from DLTK

A great sequencing activity for Spring time to help children retell the story “Are You My Mother?”.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Snowman Sequencing from Oopsey Daisy

This is a great sequencing set for Winter time.

sequencing cards printable

Mrs. Wishy Washy Sequencing Printables from Making Learning Fun

What a fun story and great set of sequencing cards to use with it.

sequencing cards printable

Daily Routine Sequencing from English is Fun

Use these cards as a morning checklist or as a way to introduce sequencing vocabulary (first, next, then, finally).

Sequencing Cards Printable

Letter to Santa Sequencing from Learning English

A great sequencing set for Christmas! You could even use these with your beginning writers to have them write their own sentences to go with each picture.


Jack and Jill themed sequencing cards from Enchanted Learning. Nursery rhymes are so good for all young children! I love that they made this set of cards and offered it for free at Enchanted Learning.

Creation Sequencing Cards Printable

Days of Creation Sequencing from PreKinders

Love this set of sequencing cards and love that the numbers are included for that added skill of number identification and number order.

Sequencing Cards Printable

A packet of sequencing cards from The Wise Owl Factory

What a great packet of cards. I love the Goldilocks sequencing cards.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Another packet of sequencing cards from Homeschool Preschool

I like how simple these three step sequencing cards are, perfect for toddlers or preschoolers just beginning with this concept.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Apple Sequencing from File Folder Fun

These cards are a great compliment to an apple unit.

Another 3 Little Pigs Sequencing Set, but this time in color. These are found at 3 Boys and a Dog and she offers great ideas on how to use the cards as well as other 3 Little Pigs themed activities.

Sequencing Cards Printable

Plant Sequencing cards from NAMC Teacher Training Blog

I love the illustrations on these cards! They are perfect for Spring and while studying plants.

More Nursery Rhyme Sequencing Cards from Tot Schooling

These are my favorite! Nursery Rhymes have SO many benefits for children and these cards go with our favorite rhymes.

A unique set of Nativity Sequencing Cards from Faith Filled Freebies.

Other Great Sequencing Cards Printable Resources:

Story Sequencing Cards from Montessori for Everyone
Ladybug Life Cycle Sequencing Cards from Enchanted Learning
Very Hungry Caterpillar Sequencing Cards from Little Dots
Free Printable Sequencing Cards for Kids

Sequencing is an important skill in early literacy and early math development. They are a great addition to any curriculum.

Elizabeth Grace Montelongo

Wednesday 17th of August 2022

Thank you for sharing this great activities it will help my students in stories as well in their comprehension skills 😊❤️