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2012 Activity Advent Countdown (printable)

2012 Activity Advent Countdown (printable)
I’m so excited to bring you my annual, printable Activity Advent Countdown! I used ideas, printables, and resources (list below) found around the web to make counting down to Christmas fun and educational!

2012 Activity Advent Countdown

25. Merry Christmas!
Other Ideas:
Where to Start: 

1) Print the 2012 Activity Advent Calendar Cards and Materials List. This includes the countdown cards and a list of activities. 

2)  Set up the 25 countdown cards to get your child excited about the Countdown to Christmas Activities.
Put each card in a small box and wrap them. Let your child unwrap a box each morning and that is the activity of the day (regardless of the number)

· Put the cards in a jar and have your child pick a random one out.
·Attach them to a piece of garland with clothes pins and take one down each day in order.
·Make a pocket chart with library pockets from the dollar store or by sewing felt into a grid and put the cards in the pockets in order. Pull one out each day.
·Make a chart with the numbers 1-25 on it. Have your child pick and cross off a number each day. That number would be the activity of the day.
·Hang the cards from the lower branches of your Christmas tree and let your child pick the activity for the day by picking one to take off of the tree.
      3) I print all of the activities and gather my materials ahead of time so that I can just grab what I need for that day. That way the work is done and I can enjoy the countdown with my kids!

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Monday 3rd of December 2012

Very cool idea! Thank you for featuring one of my ideas :)

The Activity Mom

Friday 30th of November 2012

Alli, I didn't hear back from her. I guess individual emails/requests for the document will be the way to go. Sorry!

Deb Chitwood

Tuesday 27th of November 2012

I love the Activity Advent Countdown Printables you share each year! I featured your printable as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page (and on Pinterest.)

The Activity Mom

Tuesday 27th of November 2012

Alli, I'll send her a message and see how she wants to handle it. Thanks for leaving a comment about it! =)


Tuesday 27th of November 2012

I'm trying to get them all set up ahead of time, and it appears that #9 Gingerbread Letter Matching is missing the first page (A-F). In the comments she suggests posting our email so that she can send it directly to us, but it seems like that might be a bit much for her to handle if we all email her on 12/6 or 12/7. Would it make sense to contact her directly about this? I don't mind doing it individually, but I am assuming that more than one person will (or has) run into this problem.

This is such a fun idea; my kids are totally going to freak out at how awesome it is. Thank you so much for doing the hard work of finding the activities for us!!