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Fun Food and Your Toddler

Fun Food and Your Toddler
Fun food and your toddler – Keep meal time fresh and exciting for your little eaters.
My little G is 18 months old and has developed quite the opinion on food!  He used to happily eat everything we gave him but lately, he’s been borderline picky!
Muffin Tin Meals
fun food and your toddler
It’s like a built-in toddler buffet!
I try and fill the compartments (I love the silicone trays that pop up in Target’s dollar section) with some new things and some time-tested favorites.  Giving little ones the option to choose is huge!
Food Picks and Toothpicks
fun food and your toddler
If the thought of giving your toddler toothpicks is scary, try food picks (like THESE, which we use with our bento box lunches).  The tips on food picks are rarely sharp; ours are actually rounded.
Why are they fun?
You can serve up bite-sized food in tiny portions and your toddler can feed himself.
G loves melon that’s been balled, sliced string cheese, or even a skewer of raisins.
Fish for a Snack!
fun food and your toddler
I used a divided plate and filled each section with either a dollop of peanut butter, pretzel rods, and baby Goldfish.  G loved dipping the pretzel rod “fishing pole” into the peanut butter “bait” and then catching a fish!
Get Involved Together
fun food and your toddler
Even the littlest learners will want to try out their kitchen creations!
When we made pumpkin muffins together, G was in charge of stirring (to the best of his ability!) and then couldn’t wait to gobble some down!

Heather Wing

Friday 30th of November 2012

I love this idea! My kids love eating this way and it's a great way to include some healthy stuff! :)