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Mouse Book Activities

Mouse Book Activities
Celebrate Christmas with Mouse by reading these two books and trying these mouse book activities!
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies by Laura Numeroof, Illusrated by Felicia Bond
1.  Cook popcorn and string like Mouse for your own tree.  Enjoy eating the left overs!
2.  After popping the popcorn, pop in a fun Christmas movie, set up chairs, and pretend you are at the movies. Give your children a movie ticket- just for fun.
3.  Create a Christmas Tree ornament.  Be sure to use lots of glitter for the Christmas bulbs! Print out the pattern on cardstock or trace on felt.
4.  Play Meet Mouse online activities at Mouse Cookie  Be sure to check this author/publisher site out.. fun online play.
If you give a Mouse a Cookie by Laura Numeroff, Illustrated by Felicia Bond
1. Oh, you must bake chocolate chip cookies after reading this book!  Mmmm.. share with a glass of milk.
2.  Bake extra cookies and share a special treat with the neighbors.
4.  Make a simple cookie collage.  Materials: Glue and Construction Paper
5. Create a Mouse toilet roll paper craft from DLTK.  (Just replace the cheese with a cookie!)
Written by Jen


Saturday 22nd of December 2012

Jessie,So glad that you like the ideas! Merry Christmas!Jen


Thursday 20th of December 2012

My son love the If You Give a..." books, and especially the Christmas one! Love these ideas :)