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Counting Practice with Pretend Play

Counting Practice with Pretend Play
Learning with little ones happens ALL of the time, EVERY day! As sat down with N and the colored rice, N wanted to “cook” and I realized just how much she was learning during counting practice with pretend play.
counting practice with pretend play

Isn’t it amazing how different children’s personalities can be?! When B was 3 he was interested in any learning activity or game and when we were done he would want to play again. N will play the game with me or do the activity, but when we are done she says “Now can we play babies?”. She is more interested in pretend play (kitchen, store, babies, princesses, and Doc McStuffins are popular right now) so I’ve had to get creative in how I sneak in learning.

I don’t always try to sneak in structured learning while we are playing because kids learn so much through play anyway, but every now and then an opportunity presents itself and the teacher in me can’t pass it up.

Counting Practice with Pretend Play.

She asked me if I wanted to cook with her (using her colored rice sensory tub).

I sat down with her and we added “ingredients” to the muffin tin.

“First, we need 1 scoop of flour.”
“Next, we need 2 teaspoons of cinnamon.”
“3 pinches of salt.”
“4 huge scoops of sugar.”
“Last we need 5 chocolate chips.”
It was the perfect opportunity to practice counting with her and have fun doing it!

JDaniel4's Mom

Monday 28th of January 2013

I like to sneak in learning too.