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Family Questions

 Family questions help get the conversations started and dig a little deeper than the normal daily conversations.
family questions
I love the habit we have gotten into of sharing our favorite part of the day with each other while we eat dinner. In fact, when N was 2 years old she was often the one who started it off by asking her Dad what his favorite part of the day was.
To mix it up a little bit in the month of February, I printed these Dinner Question Ideas from These Little Waves.  I cut them into strips and put them into a container. We pick one question each night and each of us answer it.
The questions cover a wide variety of topics that I think are appropriate for all age ranges. Our first question was “What is something you are afraid of? Why?”. N (2 years old) and B (5 years old) both had something to share and I think it was really beneficial for them to hear our answers too. That one question led to a 10 minute discussion about other random things (some of which we have never talked about before).  It was awesome!
Other Conversation Starters:


Galit Breen

Wednesday 30th of January 2013

It warms my heart to see my dinner questions posted here!

Thank you so very much - honored!