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Make a Heart Chain

Make a Heart Chain
Heart Chain
I think this heart paper chain is so cute! It is probably for older children to make, but there are so many ideas on how to use it for all ages of children (see below).
  1. Cut strips of paper.
  2. Bend the strip in half and bring the ends together in the middle (the outer sides facing each other in the middle).
  3. Staple

Ways to Use the Heart Chain:

  • Use the chain to countdown to Valentines Day.
  • Make a heart and add it to the chain for every book you read in February. How long will your chain be at the end of the month?
  • Make a chain of kindness. Every time you see your child being kind or do an act of kindness together, add a heart to the chain.
  • Write things that you love about each person in your family and make a chain.
  • Make a chain of 10 hearts. How many hearts tall are you? How many hearts tall is the door. How many hearts long is the hallway?