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Paper Plate Alphabet Craft – D is for Dinosaur

paper plate alphabet craft

Paper Plate Alphabet Craft

D is for Dinosaur
1 or 2 paper plates
glue, tape, or a stapler
markers, crayons, or paint
googly eye (optional)
1) Cut the paper plate in half.
2) Decorate one half as the dinosaur’s body.
3) From the other half of the paper plate, cut a tail, four legs, and an oval for the head.
4) Color or paint the dinosaur.
5) Staple, glue, or tape the pieces together as shown.
6) Glue a googly eye onto the dinosaur (optional).
Both of my kids get really excited to use the stapler so that is how we put together our dinosaur. To make a Stegosaurus, just add clothes pins along the top of the dinosaur.

This craft was found on Making Learning Fun.


Friday 25th of January 2013

So excited that you are doing a paper plate theme - how fun!